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Prawns and Tangerine Pearls


Tangerine Flavour pearls add a delicious citrus burst to our canape with prawns

Savoury piklets with Tangerine Pearls, Prawns & avocado

Here is a delicious canape recipe idea using Tangerine Pearls. Lovely bite sized savoury piklets topped with avocado puree, fresh prawns and a lovely citrus burst of Tangerine Flavour Pearlsideal as a pre-dinner nibble or you could make them a little larger as an entree or light lunch. Read more

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Pannacotta with Saffron & Pear Flavour Pearls

Pannacotta is a delight to eat and not too tricky to make…add a gorgeous poached pear and some of our NEW Saffron & Pear Flavour Pearls and your dinner party guests are in for a treat…

Pannacotta with Saffron & Pear Flavour Pearls

Ingredients for 4 serves

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Peninsula Larders Flavour Pearls add a burst of flavour and glamour to you meals

Turkey breast with pistachio & thyme stuffing

Delicious turkey that doesn’t take ages to cook, looks good and can be prepared ahead of time. Add a sprinkle of Cherry or Spiced Cranberry Flavour Pearls for a little Christmas bling.

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Turkey breast with pistachio stuffing & Cherry Flavour Pearls

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Peninsula Larders Salted caramel Flavour Pearls add a glamourous and delicious burst of flavour to your favourite desserts

Creme Brulee for Christmas

Crème Brulee…what a decadent way to celebrate the festive season

Add some of Peninsula Larders Flavour Pearls for some sparkle and pop instead of fussing with a blow torch…a little safer too… after a few too many wines it’s a good idea to steer clear of naked flame! We have plated ours with Salted Caramel for that traditional caramel flavour. Not keen on caramel? You could try Cherry, Tangerine, Blackcurrant, Passionfruit or even Chocolate. Oh, and we have added a gingerbread Christmas tree for a little festive crunch.

Xmas Brulee

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peninsula Larders Strawberry Flavour pearls add something special to your champagne celebrations

Spring Racing Food & Drink ideas

Spring is in the air…..The sun is finally out…..It’s time to frock up and hit the races or get some friends together for a flutter at your place. Whether you are gathering in the carpark at Flemmington or in the backyard by the BBQ we have a few simple ideas for you

It’s all about the champagne…….

Champagne buffet

This is probably the easiest, most glamorous and fun way to enjoy a little fizz with with your fav’s……

  1. Pour a glass of champagne
  2. Add Flavour Pearls

The hardest part is going to be which flavour to choose…….

Peninsula Larders Balsamic Flavour Pearls make garnishing canapes and finger food a breeze

Canapé…Lamb and Baba ganoush

Turn a simple canapé into something stunning with Balsamic Flavour Pearls…   Lamb, baba, balsamic en'croute   This simple lamb and baba ganoush topped crouton becomes a real talking point once your guests experience the delicious burst of balsamic. Here’s the recipe…. Read more

blackcurrant Flavour pearls add a fruity burst to your favourite food and drinks

Duck Salad & Blackcurrant Flavour Pearls

Here is simple but tasty salad that is great as a canapé in Chinese spoons or as a lovely entrée or light lunch.

It’s a great recipe in many ways…..have a quick read, I have put a few tips below…



2 Duck legsblackcurrant Flavour pearls add a fruity burst to your favourite food and drinks

1 cup Wombok—finely sliced

1 small onion—finely sliced

1 medium carrot—julienne

1 clove garlic—crushed

Hoisin Sauce—to taste

Chinese 5 spice powder

Watercress—pick and wash Read more

molecular gastronomy Australia_Apple Pearls

Summer sorbets with Flavour Pearls…

Every one loves a refreshing sorbet on a hot Summer’s day… Check out our simple but delicious twist on a bowl of sorbet. Add a few Flavour Pearls for a little glamour, a delicious flavour burst and some fun!


molecular gastronomy Australia_Apple Pearls


We went to our local store and bought 3 fruity sorbets – Apple, Mandarin and Strawberry and simply topped each scoop with Flavour Pearls. You got it, apple on apple, tangerine on mandarin and strawberry on strawberry. Now that’s about as easy as it gets folks….


You could make your own sorbet – it’s not tricky. Promise!


Check out these recipes by Jamie Oliver


That’s it from us…..until next time


Enjoy your Pearls…


Rodney & Fiona


Because it’s summer and the memories are just waiting to happen. — Unknown



Enjoy Peninsula Larders Flavour Pearls in a glass of champagne to take your next event to a whole new level

Champagne Toasts and Flavour Pearls…

Champagne…Bubbly…Sparkling…Champers…Fizz…whatever you choose to call it is a delight to the senses. From the ‘pop’ of the cork to the ‘clink’ of thetoast’. Not to mention the delicious first sip… Yes I admit it I am a lover of a glass of Sparkling, so much so that we had a cat named Moet – say no more…

Enjoy Peninsula Larders Flavour Pearls in a glass of champagne to take your next event to a whole new level


There are few things to improve upon a glass of quality sparkling, prosecco  or Champagne that don’t interfere with the general flavour and character of your chosen sip. Peninsula Larders Australian made Flavour Pearls are one of those few! Read more

Molecular Pearls_Flavoured Pearls Australia

Summer Tomato Salad with Flavour Pearls

Summer is finally here and tomatoes really begin to come in to their own. Such a delight to eat and so easy to use. Whether you grow your own or buy them at the market they are easily accessible and affordable for all.


Below is an example of a simple salad where adding a scattering of Flavour Pearls brings a new burst of flavour and beauty with absolutely minimal effort…


Molecular Pearls_Flavoured Pearls Australia


This is an easy one to put together –  just quality ingredients on a plate! You can easily substitute ingredients or add in others as you wish. Read more