Champagne Toasts and Flavour Pearls

Champagne and strawberry flavour Pearls

Champagne Toasts and Flavour Pearls 

Champagne and strawberry flavour Pearls

Champagne, Bubbly, Sparkling, Champers, Fizz…Whatever you choose to call it is a delight to the senses. From the ‘pop’ of the cork to the ‘clink’ of thetoast’. Not to mention the delicious first sip… Yes I admit it I am a lover of a glass of Sparkling, so much so that we had a cat named Moet – say no more…

There are few things to improve upon a glass of quality Sparkling, Prosecco  or Champagne that don’t interfere with the general flavour and character of your chosen sip. Peninsula Larders Australian made Flavour Pearls are one of those few!

The delicious Pearls of flavour will not dissolve in your drink, only bursting to release their delicious liquid flavour when you pop them in your mouth. They make the ceremony of sharing a Champagne toast even more memorable – whether you have a decadent bowl of help yourself Pearls for your guests to add in themselves, very fun…or just add them in as a delicious surprise for your friends. They are an eye catching pop of colour, not to mention flavourStrawberry, Tangerine, Raspberry, Davidson Plum, Passion fruit 

What Flavour are you?

Any time is the time of year for celebrations with your family and friends – Christmas, New Years Eve, end of financial year, Easter, Queens Birthday, it’s Friday, just because it’s holidays and you actually have time to catch up for a change…

Flavour Pearls are brilliant for that memorable wedding something –  a little bit special – check out our pictures below from Kat & Andrius wedding, a beautiful ceremony in the chapel of a Mornington Peninsula rose garden. The Flavour Pearls were a hit! Even the non-drinkers were into the champers that day.


Champagne & Flavour Pearl buffetpeninsula Larders Strawberry Flavour pearls add something special to your champagne celebrations

Flavour Pearls are an exciting addition to your wedding celebrations


Now you know Flavour Pearls are magnificent in a glass of sparkling you had better make sure you get yourself some! Click HERE to browse our store…


Until next time…

The Peninsula Larder Team


“I drink Champagne when I win, to celebrate…
And I drink Champagne when I lose, to console myself.”
-Napoleon Bonaparte, 18th century French conqueror (1769 – 1873)