Crab and Cucumber Canape with Mango Flavour Pearls

Crab and Cucumber Canape with Mango Flavour Pearls

Crab and Cucumber Canape with Mango Flavour Pearls

  Crab and Cucumber Canape with Mango Flavour Pearls

This Crab & Cucumber Canape is a beauty if you don’t have much time on your hands. Mango Flavour Pearls add a delightful tropical tang. It’s also a recipe that is very easily modified to suit your taste.

If crab doesn’t rock your world try smoked or roast chicken. Prawns, crayfish or flaked cooked salmon would be a great substitute too. Being gluten free ticks a big box for many. For a vegetarian alternative replace the crab with some fine julienne of Celeriac. 

What you’ll need…

  • Cucumber – sliced very thinly
  • Toothpicks or skewers
  • Crab meat – each canape has perhaps 10 grams on it so shop according to your numbers
  • Kewpie Japanese Mayonnaise – or your preferred brand 
  • Herb – we used Dill as that was what was available at the time. Coriander or Parsley would be great too.
  • Lemon zest – just a couple of scrapes on the microplane
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Mango Flavour Pearls

Lets get started

Give the cucumber a quick wash and slice thinly. If you wish to present your canape’s the same as we did the main thing is that it’s sliced thinly enough to bend but not break. You could just slice it straight down as a circle if you prefer, sometimes they do stick to the plate though!


Open up your crab. Drain it a little if required. And perhaps just pick through it quickly to ensure there is no shell! Grab your lemon and micro-plane and add a little zest. Season well with salt and pepper. Add a generous blob of your chosen mayonnaise and around a tablespoon of your chosen chopped fresh herb. Mix gently but well. Store in the fridge until required. 

Ready to serve

I found it easier to bend and secure the cucumber, then place on your serving plate. Simply add a generous teaspoon of the crab mixture onto each piece and lastly top with some of our delicious Limited Edition Mango Flavour Pearls

This could be a lovely addition to a cold seafood platter to pad out your oysters and prawns. Yum…I’m hungry now!

**If you’ve just come across this recipe and our Limited Edition is no longer available take a peek at our other flavours, just click  HERE There are plenty of others to choose from.

Ta dah…

Until next time

Enjoy…from the Peninsula Larder Team

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