Peninsula Larders Flavour pearls can take your party drinks to a whole new level of FUN

‘Cool’ drinks with Flavour Pearls…

Do you want to add a bit of ‘wow’ to your next pre-dinner or afternoon drinks….well I think this may just do it!!!


This is one of my favourite ‘sunny day drinks’….Gin & Tonic. Add in some Tangerine Flavour Pearls and you have yourself a refreshing burst of flavour that you just can’t get from a wedge of lime. Make sure you pick up some ‘slurpee straws’ with the little spoon end from your local fast food place. It makes for much easier ‘pearl popping’.

A bit of fun too…..sip ‘ n ‘ scoop 🙂

Your drink options are huge too. I love the G & T but why not Vodka and anything sparkling or a pre-mixed bottle of your choice.

Let’s make punch cool again!!! I can see my mum’s punch bowl with the little cups that hang on the edge of the bowl with a delicious spritzy combo with lots of ice and a generous bowl of add your own Flavour Pearls on the side. Hmmm now that would make Chrissy Day or New Years Eve one to remember…

What!!!! You don’t like tangerine…check out the other 10 flavours. There is sure to be one to make you happy.

Check out this punch recipe if you need a little guidance. (there are loads out there on the big bad web, google your heart out) You really dont need much more than either champers or soda water for fizz, a little fruity juice to your taste and a dash of spirits for kick (super easy to make a non-alcoholic bowl too) lots of ice and some fun people to share it with.

Enjoy your Pearls

Until next time…

The Peninsula Larder Team


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