Flavour Notes for Food Service


Here are a few words on each flavour to assist you with your selection and to help with your menu creation


Yuzu Flavour Pearls offer an intense zingy citrus burst (lemon, mandarin and grapefruit notes). With a lovely opaque pale golden colour they will give a lift to many dishes, seafood, salads, sweets…

Truffled Honey Flavour Pearls are a golden colour with a luxurious speckle of truffle within the pearls. Very aromatic. Add a luxurious touch to your cheeses and platters.

Honey Mustard Flavour Pearls with hot English heat, clear golden colour with a speckle of mustard seeds and a subtle hint of honey. Great with meats, cheeses, salads and share platters. (No longer available)

Honey Flavour Pearls . A unique accompaniment for your cheeseboard. A sophisticated topping for pikelets or crepes. Something special at breakfast on your porridge or yogurt. Try them in your tea! Delicious with creamy dishes like a vanilla pannacotta or mousse.

Shallot & Vinegar Flavour Pearls are delicate pink in colour. Created with our intense white balsamic vinegar steeped with shallots. Oysters, seafood, salads & charcuterie.

Raspberry Flavour Pearls have a fresh raspberry flavour. Try them with desserts, salads and many savoury meat dishes too.

Saffron & Pear Flavour Pearls with a beautiful golden colour, luxurious pear flavour and subtle hint of saffron. They are great with creamy desserts, cheese boards and salads. (no longer available)


Lemon & Black Pepper Flavour Pearls are wonderfully aromatic with a big citrus punch. Delicious with fish and seafood. Try them with white meats or even a little grilled saganaki. A nice twist for desserts too.


Tangerine Flavour Pearls are both versatile and beautiful. Lovely in a cocktail or champagne. Deliciously tart and eye catching they will make your salads pop! A great contrast for a rich chocolate dessert, a fresh burst to top a simple cheesecake. Try them with seafood


Strawberry Flavour Pearls  Their intense flavour and striking colour make any dessert or cocktail special. What a talking point for your champagne toast!


Balsamic Flavour Pearls are very versatile and striking to look at. With an intense flavour, great as a garnish and dressing for your salad (you can dress them ahead of time and they will remain crisp), also with cheese and antipasto. A delicious sauce alternative for steak! Try them with strawberries. Black gold…..


White Balsamic Flavour Pearls  A subtle tang which pairs beautifully with seafood (oysters, smoked salmon, white fish etc..) asparagus, salads and more….. (Food service size only)


Soy Flavour Pearls add a rich dark burst of intense saltiness to your dishes. Great for individual portions and canapés. Good in soups too. (Food service size only)


Apple Flavour Pearls With a fresh sharp flavour they compliment many meat dishes. Crisp pork belly, a slice of terrine, a gourmet garnish for your roast pork. Another dimension for your dessert plate or cheese and fruit platter.


Salted Caramel Flavour Pearls A winner with all of your favourite desserts. From hot puddings to ice cream and everything between. A decadent cocktail…


Blackcurrant Flavour Pearls are delicious with meats, game (duck/kangaroo), hams and cured meats. Also a nice touch for your desserts and salads. Try them in your champagne for ‘Kir Royale’ style cocktail.


Passionfruit Flavour Pearls are an elegant burst of flavour, great with many desserts and cocktails. Also work well with many savoury dishes too..seafoods, salads to name a few


Blue Curacao Flavour Pearls are a fun addition to your cocktails and shots