Glazed Salmon Bites with Soy Flavour Pearls

Glazed Salmon Bite with Soy Flavour Pearls

Glazed Salmon Bites with Soy Flavour Pearls

Glazed Salmon Bite with Soy Flavour Pearls

Our Glazed Salmon Bites are are as elegant as they are delicious. Bite size pieces of Atlantic Salmon with a lovely slightly sweet Sichuan Pepper glaze. Our bursting Soy Flavour Pearls really finish them off beautifully too.  Delightfully easy to prepare with minimal last minute fussing so you can enjoy time with your guests.

What you’ll need

  • Salmon fillets – thick pieces (we cut our canape portions at aprox 2.5cm cubes)
  • Olive Oil
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Garlic – 1 clove chopped
  • Ginger – similar size piece chopped
  • Sichuan Pepper – 1/2 tsp
  • Chicken Stock – 375ml
  • Soy – 2 tbs
  • Brown Sugar – up to 3/4 cup
  • Fancy toothpicks  – we bought ours at Kmart
  • Spring Onions – sliced
  • Soy Flavour Pearls

To do

*This can be done earlier in the day*

Add a dash of Olive Oil to a saucepan over medium heat. Pop in the Garlic, Ginger and Sichuan Pepper. Sauté until fragrant. Add the stock, Soy and Sugar. Bring to the boil and turn it down to a gentle simmer. Reduce until it just coats the back of a spoon. Set aside until needed. If you want it a little saltier just add a dash more soy. If you accidently reduce it too much just add a dash of water.

Cut your Salmon into 2.5 cm cubes. It’s fine to leave the skin on. 


Get a pan or grill plate nice and hot. Gently toss the Salmon pieces in a little oil, salt & pepper. Place each piece top side down onto the hot pan. You just want to get a nice colour on it. Once browned remove them an put onto a baking tray, browned side up. This is now ready to go into the oven or the fridge if you want to serve it later on. 

To serve

Have your oven on and hot at around 180c. Pop the tray of browned Salmon into the oven for a few minutes. It’s nice if there is still a little ‘pink’ in the middle but just cook them as you like. Warm the glaze a little. Skewer each piece of Salmon while it’s still on the tray. Spoon a little glaze over each piece and sprinkle with the sliced Spring Onions. Pop the Salmon pieces onto your serving plate and finish with a couple of Soy Flavour Pearls on each piece.

Until next time

From the Peninsula Larder Team


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