Lemon & Thyme Labneh with Pistachios and Honey Flavour Pearls

Lemon & Thyme Labne with Pistachios and Honey Flavour Pearls

Lemon & Thyme Labneh with Pistachios and Honey Flavour Pearls

Lemon & Thyme Labne with Pistachios and Honey Flavour Pearls

What is Labneh? Well it’s essentially a very thick and creamy, Middle Eastern style yogurt cheese. Creamy and delicious. I adore the sweet burst of Honey Flavour Pearls with the creamy tang of the Labneh.

Today’s version is served as a dip/spread but you can make the Labneh into balls (storing them in olive oil) and add them to platters as a delicious “cheese”.  It also has the added health benefits of whichever yoghurt you choose as a base too.  You’ll need to start preparing it the day before you wish to eat it so think ahead a little if you can.

What you’ll need…adjust volumes accordingly

  • Yoghurt – I used my favourite full fat unsweetened Greek Yoghurt – Around 2 cups will yield about 1 cup of Labneh
  • Salt – 1/4 teaspoon per cup of yoghurt used
  • Muslin cloth or a clean tea towel or a new chux cloth and a sieve or colander
  • Thyme – around a teaspoon of fresh
  • Lemon – Zest from 0ne
  • Pistachios – a small handful roughly chopped
  • Olive oil – Extra Virgin – 1 – 2 tablespoon to each cup of drained yoghurt
  • Salt & Pepper –  to taste
  • Crackers to serve – we used some delicious fruity numbers from the supermarket. Toasted Pita bread would be perfect too.
  • Honey Flavour Pearls

Lets get started

Combine the Yoghurt and Salt. Place your cloth over the colander/sieve with another bowl below to catch the liquid.

Scoop the Yoghurt and salt mixture onto the cloth and fold the edges over to cover the mix.

Place it into the fridge. Leave overnight (perfect for our dip style consistency) and up to a couple of days for the thicker style required to roll into “cheese’ balls.


Tip out the liquid whey that’s in the bowl.

Put the now thicker Labneh into a clean bowl and add in the freshly chopped Thyme, Lemon Zest and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Cover and put back in the fridge until you’re ready to eat it. *check the best before date on your yoghurt – the Labneh will last just as long as this.

Ready to serve

Find a nice plate and spread your Labneh roughly around.

Scatter the Pistachios on top. Lastly adding your Honey Flavour Pearls to finish (drizzle some of the liquid on too). Serve with fruity crackers or some toasted Pita bread.

Ta dah…

Until next time

Enjoy…from the Peninsula Larder Team

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