Our first blog!

May 9, 2014

Molecular Gastronomy_apple pearls

We have so much to share, today we might just touch on who we are and what we do. Rodney Graham and I (Fiona Verwoerd) created Peninsula Larder in 2013. We are two Mornington Peninsula chefs with some 40+ years in various commercial kitchens.


“Our vision is to source, create and supply restaurant quality products for you to use in your home”.


We also see a large part of our business supplying the catering and restaurant scene with quality products that they just don’t have the time or staff to make themselves. After so long in the industry we have seen the availabilty of staff decrease and the cost of everything else increase whilst the need to supply a quality product consistently as always remains a constant.

Our first offering is a product called Flavour Pearls.


A product made using a molecular technique. It’s not a new concept but we have made them shelf stable and for anyone familiar with sperification, yes they still pop! We had many frustrating sessions testing, trialling and throwing our hands up in the air….. Pearls that went as hard as a rock….Pearls that didn’t form…..You name it, it happened! But we got there……eventually

We also had some wonderful help and advice from a food technition called Peter. Hooray for Peter. He was the voice of reason!


From test kitchen to our first delivery in October 2013- stocking many fine retailers on the Morninton Peninsula and beyond, our webstore and now supplying many restaurants and catering company’s with ‘our Pearls’.


We are now officially ‘just starting to hit our stride’.


Catch you again next week


Rodney & Fiona


 “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time” Maya Angelou