Strawberries, Balsamic & Pepper


Simply ripe strawberries, aromatic freshly ground black pepper with a beautiful ‘bursting garnish’ of Balsamic Flavour Pearls. Delicious, fresh & quick to prepare.



When you can get your hands on some great fresh local produce it’s wonderful to keep things simple and let the produce tell the story…

All you need to re-create this dish is…

  • Fresh strawberries (allow around 1 cup per person as a stand alone dessert)
  • Balsamic Flavour Pearls – 1 x 50g jar
  • Black pepper in a grinder
  • Extra virgin olive oil – a nice fruity one if you have it
  • Balsamic reduction – (instructions below)

We gave our strawberries a quick wash and took off the green bit before putting them in the fridge (room temp is great too)

Whilst the strawberries were chilling out we took 1 cup of balsamic vinegar and a generous tablespoon of sugar and brought it to the boil on the stove for our balsamic reduction. Keep a bit of an eye on it but you want it to reduce by around half – it will look glossy and a little syrupy once its ready to come off the stove.

Now to put it together….

In a bowl large enough to gently tumble your berries, add a small splash of olive oil and a generous grind of black pepper and tumble until all berries have a nice shine and sprinkling of pepper.

Spoon into individual glasses or on a large share plate, drizzle some of the warm balsamic glaze over the fruit and finish with some of our Balsamic Flavour Pearls.

(the warm glaze gives a wonderful contrast to the cool berries…by all means serve it all at room temperature if it makes life easier when you are entertaining)


Until next time

Rodney & Fiona


Q. What do you call a strawberry that uses foul language?

A. Berry Rude.