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Summer Tomato Salad with Flavour Pearls

Summer is finally here and tomatoes really begin to come in to their own. Such a delight to eat and so easy to use. Whether you grow your own or buy them at the market they are easily accessible and affordable for all.

Below is an example of a simple salad where adding a scattering of Flavour Pearls brings a new burst of flavour and beauty with absolutely minimal effort…


Tomato Salad with Peninsula Larders Flavour Pearls

This is an easy one to put together –  just quality ingredients on a plate! You can easily substitute ingredients or add in others as you wish.


  • Ripe tomatoes – grab whatever looks and smells the best on the day
  • Goats chevre – we used Main Ridge Dairy, Marinated Chevre
  • Baby herbs – we used green & purple basil.
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Flavour Pearls – We used Lemon & Black Pepper
  • Sea salt flakes & Freshly gound pepper


There is not much to it really – just 1/2 your tomatoes (room temperature for the best flavour) and arrange on the plate. Then add in your Chevre, season with salt & pepper, drizzle with olive oil, scatter across some micro basil and finally a generous sprinkle of Flavour Pearls.

We used Lemon & Black Pepper here but Balsamic or White Balsamic would be terrific too.

What! You hate goats cheese – don’t panic…just use some fetta or buffalo mozzarella or bocconcini or grill a little haloumi or … you get the picture…

Asparagus is a great Summer green, add in a few spears for a little more texture.

If baby herbs are nowhere to be found just use regular basil, add in some arugula (rocket) too for a peppery bite.


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Enjoy your Pearls!

Until next time

The Peninsula Larder Team


Q. Why did the tomato blush?
A. Because he saw the salad dressing.