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The faces behind Peninsula Larder Rodney Graham & Fiona Verwoerd

Here is a little information about us and how Peninsula Larder came about…

“Food is our passion” – As chefs we always had a silent wish that we could just pick up the phone and order in the products that took up so much time for us to produce in the kitchen.

They had to be top notch….just as if we had made them ourselves. We had both tired of industry hours so we decided to start a business – providing to customers what we had always wished for!

A big part of the philosophy behind Peninsula Larder is for us to source local, sustainably produced ingredients to make our premium products. We are proudly hand made and Australian made.

Flavour pearls were the first offering to be launched, with the recent addition of our freeze dried range. There will be many premium restaurant quality products for both retail and wholesale consumers to follow.


“We’re very proud of our Flavour Pearls, they are a first for the Mornington Peninsula – A unique hand made product which makes entertaining a breeze…add beauty, fun & flavour to your favourite gourmet meals…”


 What are flavour pearls?… They are a pearl sized bubble of flavour made with delicious Peninsula produce which, when consumed, burst with a ‘pop’ of flavour on the palate. Flavour Pearls are a gourmet garnish with an exciting bursting texture for your food and drinks.


Rodney, born and bred in Northern Ireland, brought his family to the Mornington Peninsula  6 years ago.

“As the youngest of four boys I spent a lot of time in my Grandma’s kitchen at our family’s home farm. This is where my interest in cooking began. I learnt a lot about the importance of seasonal produce, traditional baking, preserves and good home cooking”.

That was the beginning and after more than 20 years in professional kitchens beginning in Scotland at the famous five red star Gleneagles Hotel resort plus stints in many other high-end Michelin star restaurants in Scotland, London and Moscow– The Mornington Peninsula is now home.


Fiona grew up in the bayside suburb of Beaumaris moving to beachside Seaford some 10 years ago…With 20+ years in various restaurants in Melbourne from Rockman’s Regency hotel to The Pantry in Brighton just to name a few, the arrival of children prompted a slight career shift to teaching.

“My passion for food began with a passion for eating”

Teaching in the culinary program at Chisholm Frankston has been a wonderful way to share that passion with the next wave of enthusiastic cooks”.


“Now is the time to make our mark, 2 Chefs with over 40 years combined experience. With a passion for quality food, energy to burn and a love of the Mornington Peninsula and it’s wonderful produce, people and relaxed vibe.