About Peninsula Larder and Flavour Pearls

Here is a little information about how Peninsula Larder came about...

Early in 2013,  2 chefs started cooking up a business idea and Flavour Pearls were created.Food is our passion” – As chefs we always had a silent wish that we could just pick up the phone and order in the products that took up so much time for us to produce in the kitchen. They had to be top notch….just as if we had made them ourselves or better. We had tired of industry hours, so we decided to start a business – providing to customers what we had always wished for! “We’re very proud of our Flavour Pearls – A unique handmade product”

There were many late nights of research and development at the kitchen table at Fiona or Rodney’s place to get the recipe right. We both had young families so burned the candle at both ends! And after months of operating out of Rodney’s garage (dispatch hub) and Fiona’s dining table (admin and marketing ) as well as hiring a commercial kitchen by the hour to make Flavour Pearls we moved into the factory space in Seaford where still operate from today. In 2018 Rodney left the business to pursue another career direction. Check out the action shot of us doing a tasting session at the Fromage a Trois festival at Werribee Mansion in 2014. Gee that was a great day!

A quick facelift for our branding in 2018 and fast forward to now and Peninsula Larder is busier than ever. We’ve added some amazing staff and a few new products. One thing that hasn’t changed is our love of food! Cheers, from Fiona and The Peninsula Larder Team