Here is a little information about us and how Peninsula Larder came about…

7 years ago 2 chefs started cooking up a business idea and Flavour Pearls were created…

“Food is our passion” – As chefs we always had a silent wish that we could just pick up the phone and order in the products that took up so much time for us to produce in the kitchen.

They had to be top notch….just as if we had made them ourselves or better. We had tired of industry hours so we decided to start a business – providing to customers what we had always wished for!

Flavour Pearls was our first product to be launched, with the addition of our freeze dried range. We are all about textures and flavour.


“We’re very proud of our Flavour Pearls, they are a first for the Mornington Peninsula – A unique hand made product which makes entertaining a breeze…add beauty, fun & flavour to your favourite gourmet meals…”


What are Flavour Pearls?…Flavour Pearls are a gourmet garnish with an exciting bursting texture for your food and drinks. Our products are proudly hand made in Australia.