Swiss Brown mushroom cups with artichoke, pangrattato and Balsamic Flavour Pearls

Swiss Brown mushroom cups with artichoke, pangrattatto and Balsamic Flavour Pearls

These stuffed Swiss Brown mushrooms are a delicious canapé, quick to prepare and vegan friendly too. 

Swiss Brown mushroom cups with artichoke, pangrattatto and Balsamic Flavour Pearls

Serve as an entree or main course with a larger mushroom cup and side salad or wilted greens. Ditch the pangrattato (that’s the delicious crispy toasted crumbs on top of the mushies) for a gluten free option or just use gluten free bread.

What you’ll need…

I’m just going to list the ingredients, it’s not a precise recipe so depending on how many people you are feeding you will need to shop accordingly!

  • Swiss brown mushrooms – twist or slice the stem out so that it’s a cup
  • Artichokes – I used tinned but you can buy them by the scoop at your local deli too
  • Bread crumbs – fresh. I had some day old sour dough slices that I just put in the blender to crumb – approximately 1 cup
  • Thyme – fresh
  • Olive oil
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Balsamic Flavour Pearls

To do…

Once you have removed the stems from the mushrooms, toss them in some olive oil and salt and pepper then lay out on a tray, cup side up and bake at 180C for around 10 minutes until softened.

While they are in the oven you need to drain and roughly chop up the artichokes. Mix in some salt and pepper to taste and set aside.

For the pangrattato. Add a liberal amount of olive oil to a largish fry pan and add in the crumbs with some chopped thyme and salt and pepper. Using a spoon or spatula keep moving them around over a moderate heat until they become golden and crisp. Set aside until serving time.

Once the mushrooms are cooked you need to tip out the juice that settles in the cup and spoon some artichoke mix in. Fill them all and set aside.

Ready to serve

When it’s time to eat, just pop them into the oven to warm through again. Add a spoon or sprinkle of the toasted pangrattato and a Balsamic Flavour Pearl or two. 

Ta dah…

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from the Peninsula Larder Team

“All mushrooms are edible, but some only once.”
Croatian proverb