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Peninsula Larders Sesame Crusted Tuna and Soy Flavour Pearls are an Australian made luxury gourmet garnish

Sesame Crusted Tuna, Soba Noodles and Soy Flavour Pearls

Light and fresh and able to be prepped ahead of time is exactly what our recipe for Sesame Crusted Tuna, Soba Noodles and Soy Flavour Pearls is all about. It’s a versatile dish which can be enjoyed canape style (like the picture below), as an entree or light meal, a main course or even bring along for a picnic dish to share.

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Prawns and Tangerine Pearls

Here is a delicious canape recipe idea using Tangerine Pearls.

Lovely bite sized savoury piklets topped with avocado puree, fresh prawns and a lovely citrus burst of Tangerine Flavour Pearlsideal as a pre-dinner nibble or you could make them a little larger as an entree or light lunch.

Tangerine Flavour pearls add a delicious citrus burst to our canape with prawns

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Gluten Free Sweet Treats

These Gluten Free Sweet Treats can be served at a casual afternoon catch-up with coffee or jazzed up with some pulled sugar garnish for a high tea or after dinner petit four…Both recipes are super easy and can be made in advance too.

Petit fours

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Tomato bruschetta

Tomato Bruschetta… it’s delicious, quick to make and won’t have you shopping for a gazillion ingredients. We’ve pimped ours up with Peninsula Larders Balsamic Flavour Pearls and served them in Chinese spoons.


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Peninsula Larders Balsamic Flavour Pearls make garnishing canapes and finger food a breeze

Canapé…Lamb and Baba ganoush

This simple lamb and baba ganoush topped crouton becomes a real talking point once your guests experience the delicious burst of balsamic. Creating a canape can be a little daunting, this one’s not! Here’s the recipe….

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Grazing Board for 1 or 10……

A grazing board, antipasto platter, meze plate whatever you choose to call it is a lovely way to eat….

Either by yourself because you deserve to treat yourself to delicious delights too, or for a relaxed and social way to share a bite with friends and family. Not to mention easy too, you can pick up everything you need at your favourite local provedore and just open the packets and assemble…Ta dahhhh…

Have I got your attention now 🙂


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Molecular Gastronomy_honey n cheese

How to serve cheese and make it shine…add Flavour Pearls!

Have you ever been asked to bring a cheese platter to a get together? ……Said sure no problems, thinking it was going to be easy. Then got to your local store and spun out with just how many different types of cheese are available? 

Well you are not alone….. Lucky for you we have a few tips using Flavour Pearls to make that next cheese platter just that little bit easier to put together.  

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Mini Pav’s & Strawberry Flavour Pearls

You can’t get much more Australian than Pavlova!

Top them with Australian made Strawberry Flavour Pearls for delicious new twist on an old favourite.  

Petite meringues with Peninsula Larders Strawberry Flavour Pearls

I made these ones cocktail size. Just adjust your cooking time accordingly.  


  • 8 large egg whites
  • 500 grams caster sugar Read more
,Petite Caprese Salad & Balsamic Flavour Pearls

Petite Caprese Salad & Balsamic Flavour Pearls



Here is a simple starter.   No cooking involved. The most labour intensive part is getting to the shops!!!!!! 

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