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We provide a range of over 15 different Flavour Pearls for the food service and beverage industry

Our Flavour Pearls are available in a convenient catering size 300g plastic tub.
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Food Pearls_White Balsamic & Seafood
White Balsamic & Seafood
  • Flavour Pearls are a cost effective and convenient way to add that point of difference to your menus.

    Don't spend precious time and labour hours creating when you can just purchase what you need as you need it. Let the staff focus their time and energy in other areas.

  • Flavour Pearls add the element of WOW to your menu.

    Flavour pearls also add another wonderful element into your dish - FUN - with their delicious bursting texture, as well as their caviar-like beauty.

  • YES we do make custom flavours too!

    Mint sauce, Ginger Beer, Pink Champagne & Lime, Black Vinegar & Ginger are a few that we have made recently. They have a great shelf life too - perfect to order a batch of custom flavour for your next menu.

  • Flavour Pearls are fantastic for large volume catering too!

    A topping for your sweet or savoury canapes, a glamorous finish for your dessert (think simple pannacotta, slab cake, semifredo, add pearls at a few cents a portion and a splash of sauce, and the job is done). The Balsamic Flavour Pearls are a great sauce alternative for meat... a little EVO and some Balsamic Pearls and you can put your jus aside. Yuzu Flavour Pearls will add a mad citrus zing to your seafood, or toss them in garlic oil and fresh parsley for a cool gremolata. Keep them in the dry store and refrigerate once open.

  • Flavour Pearls are brilliant for bars and clubs too.

    Strawberry Flavour Pearls are wonderful in a glass of Champagne (much the same way that hibiscus flowers are used, but just a little easier to consume). A fantastic way to celebrate opening nights and gala events - you will have social media on fire that night! They make a brilliant addition to a cocktail or shooter special for the week!

Texture is such a huge part of the culinary experience

We created Flavour Pearls for their beauty and delicious burst, but we also have a range of freeze dried fruit and vegetables perfect for their crunch.

Peninsula Larders Raspberries Freeze Dried
  • Freeze dried raspberries

    with their delicious crisp tartness, are far more cost effective than their fresh friends for most of the year.

  • Freeze dried mandarin segments

    are sublime with their almost caramel citrus crunch and gorgeous jewel-like sparkle, they will take your dish to another level.

  • Freeze dried beetroot, sweet potato & mushroom

    will give your risotto dishes, stuffings and more a whole new intensity!

The wonderful thing about freeze dried products is their incredible shelf life.
Ours are packed into resealable foil zip-lock pouches so you can easily keep their crisp freshness.

Champagne and strawberry flavour Pearls

Molecular gastronomy for restaurants and bars. Made right here in Melbourne by us!
Vegan, Gluten and dairy Free and we ship Worldwide.

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