Salted Caramel Vacherin

Salted Caramel Vacherin recipe

Salted Caramel Vacherin

Salted Caramel Vacherin recipe

This recipe for Salted Caramel Vacherin is fabulous to prepare well in advance…so no last minute rushing about!

Vacherin is a sublime combination of meringue and Salted Caramel ice cream with the bursting hit of Salted Caramel Flavour Pearls.

It’s a super versatile recipe too. Change the ice cream flavour to whatever suits you, go fruity with some passion fruit or raspberry. Fold through some fresh fruit or a swirl of coulis. Go for a sorbet instead of ice cream for a dairy free dessert. I’m fond of a Christmassy twist – squish some fruit cake or pudding into some vanilla ice cream and finish with Spiced Cranberry Flavour Pearls – available October 1st) Even pare it right back and just serve a scoop of ice cream on top of your meringue nest with some Flavour Pearls. Stash them in the freezer ready to go days before your event. Winning!

What you’ll need 

  • Meringue nests – 2 per portion
  • Ice cream – We used a fabulous Salted Caramel ice cream with macadamia’s through for a little bonus crunch. (Feel free to make your own, check out these great recipes that don’t require an ice cream machine)
  • PVC pipe to assemble – see image below
  • Baking paper to line PVC pipe (makes them easier to get out when serving)
  • Flavour PearlsSalted Caramel or your choice

Meringue recipe – makes around 12

  • 8 large egg whites
  • 500 grams caster sugar 
  • 4 teaspoons cornflour (we use gluten free)
  • a few drops of vanilla extract
  • 2 teaspoons white wine vinegar

3 trays, lined with baking paper

Preheat the oven to 120º C. (average cooking time around 45 minutes – give or take depending on the size of your meringues)

Whisk the egg whites until they’re holding firm peaks but are not stiff. Gradually add in the sugar whilst still beating, until you’ve got a bowl full of thick glossy meringue. Sprinkle the cornflour, a few drops of vanilla and the vinegar on top and fold in to combine.

Draw 8 circles of approximately 7 cm (using your PVC pipe or tin as a guide) on each sheet of baking paper.

Spoon the meringue onto the circles, and spread and smooth to fill. (a piping bag does the trick too) 

Put into the oven and bake for 10 minutes. Check that they are not getting any colour, turn the oven down if they are. Continue to bake until they have visibly risen and are firm to the touch. I like to check if they are cooked by gently peeling one off the paper. If it won’t peel off it’s not ready yet! Once cooked just transfer them, on their baking paper, to wire racks to cool.

***If time just isn’t on your side meringue nests are available from the supermarket – shhhhh…no one needs to know!

Assembly time

Take the ice cream out of the freezer so that it softens a little. Place your PVC pipe or tins on a tray or plastic lid that will fit in your freezer. Cut a piece of baking paper to line the edges of each of your moulds (this will make life a lot easier when you plate up – trust me!) 

Place a meringue flat side down right into the bottom of each mould. Next spoon in softened ice cream. You will want to have at least the same thickness of ice cream as the meringue. Lastly place a meringue flat side up on top of the ice cream. Use the bottom of a glass to gently press it down. Put in the freezer until you are ready to serve them.

This step can be done up to a week ahead – just wrap them well so they don’t spoil.

Ready to serve

When it’s time to serve remove the Vacherin’s  from the freezer, grab a jug of hot water and an ice cream scoop as well as some additional ice cream for the top. Ohhh and some Flavour Pearls.

Make sure the serving plates are cold or chilled. Grab a glass and use the base to press out the Vacherin. Peel off the baking paper. Scoop a nice ball of ice cream (the jug of hot water is to dip your scoop in to make scooping a little easier) and place it on the top and finish with a generous amount of Salted Caramel Flavour Pearls.


Until next time

from the Peninsula Larder Team

Age does not diminish the extreme disappointment of having a scoop of ice cream fall from the cone.     

Jim Fiebig