Summer sorbets with Flavour Pearls…

Every one loves a refreshing sorbet on a hot Summer’s day… 

Sorbet and Flavour Pearls

Check out our simple but delicious twist on a bowl of sorbet. Add a few Flavour Pearls for a little glamour, a delicious flavour burst and some fun!


We went to our local store and bought 3 fruity sorbets – Apple, Mandarin and Strawberry and simply topped each scoop with Flavour Pearls. You got it, apple on apple, tangerine on mandarin and strawberry on strawberry. Now that’s about as easy as it gets folks….


You could make your own sorbet – it’s not tricky. Promise!


Check out these recipes by Jamie Oliver


That’s it from us…..until next time


The Peninsula Larder Team


Because it’s summer and the memories are just waiting to happen.

— Unknown