Yuzu and Sashimi

Peninsula Larders Yuzu Flavour Pearls add a vibrant citrus zing to your favourite seafood dishes

Yuzu and sashimi balance beautifully with this light, fresh and pretty starter…

The key to this dish is the freshest seafood you can get…mention to your fishmonger that you will be eating the fish sashimi style.

What You Need

Here is a shopping list…allow 60 – 80 grams of fish per person

  • Scallops – no roe
  • Tuna
  • Salmon
  • Kingfish
  • Daikon (Japanese radish) – a few wafer thin slices each (pickling liquid – 125ml rice wine vinegar & 1 tablespoon sugar – bring to boil)
  • Orange – segment
  • Lemon – segment
  • Ruby grapefruit – segment
  • 20 mls of Olive oil
  • Micro coriander (or other small leaf)
  • Edible flowers (I picked violets from our garden…see HERE what flowers are edible)
  • Yuzu Flavour Pearls

Before your guests arrive you can get all of your preparation done so its quick and easy to pop on a plate.

First lets look at the seafood….Slice each scallop into 3 thin slices, the tuna, salmon & kingfish need to be sliced into thin slices also – against the grain HERE is a clip I found on YouTube that explains what I mean by against the grain). Cover and keep refrigerated until required.

The daikon needs to be peeled and very thinly sliced – a mandolin slicer is handy if you have one, otherwise take your time and use a sharp knife. Place the sliced daikon in a dish and pour over the hot pickling solution then place in the fridge until required.

Segment your citrus fruits… HERE is a quick demonstration video.

Now…the guests have arrived so you need to step into the kitchen for a few minutes…

Firstly…drain the yuzu liquid from the Flavour Pearls into a bowl. Now add in an equal amount of rice wine vinegar and combine.

Place all of the seafood into a bowl and pour over the yuzu liquid to lightly brine the fish for up to 5 minutes.

Gently drain of the seafood and reserve the juice for the dressing.

To Serve

Now assemble the dish to create a fun vibrant finish.

Just before serving,  whisk in a splash of olive oil with the juice, then dress the fish. Lastly top with our Yuzu Flavour Pearls for that burst of magic.


Hope you enjoy as much as we did..



The Peninsula Larder Team